For video games, dubbing, audiobooks, podcasts or music vocals, Syllabes offers an unmatched sound quality for any kind of project!


    With our unique casting database made with the best talents selected by our casting department, we are able to suggest various choices for any kind of project! We collaborate with various talents for French as well as English projects.



    Syllabes offers an editing service for all your audio projects. For audiobooks, video games, podcasts or even music, our team will be there to help you deliver the best project you deserve!



    Project management

    We analyse your needs, anticipate the possible problems and offer solutions to carry out your project. At Syllabes, you will benefit from a support in all steps of your project : Casting, contract management, recording, editing, mixing, sound design and music.



    From audio cleanup to leveling, our sound mixer will help you get the best result for your project!


    Sound design

    Our sound design team will help you create a singular universe specific to your project. From horror movies to documentaries, we will find the right sound for you!


    Syllabes offers an original music composition service. From digital to instrumental music, we will help you find the sound identity that fits your project!

    Studio rental

    Syllabes offers a studio rental service. Dubbing, video games, audiobooks, podcast or music, our studios will provide you the high quality sound that your project deserve!

    Multilingual localization


    Our professional team will take care of your localization project in various languages with the help of our partners, chosen for their experience and their expertise.

    Demo recording

    With Syllabes Academy, we also offer a demo recording service for professional actors in the following field of expertise :

    • Commercial
    • Video game
    • Narration
    Please see our website for more information.

    Specialized courses

    Our Academy train professional actors in dubbing, commercial voices, video games, audiobook, cold reading and accents training. Please see our website for more information.